This week the fishing has continued to heat up around town, and this weekend will only be getting better.

The Pink Salmon fishing out at Echo Cove has continued to be awesome throughout the week. The fresher fish have been found towards the sand spit, while the darker fish seem to be holding closer to the boat launch. Try your hand at catching some chromer pinks at falling tides using pink flies such as the Humpie Hooker and Searunner Special.

The Pinks have also now moved into Cowee Creek. Standing on the bridge looking down, that black cloudPinks716151 you see is actually hoards of Pink Salmon beginning to build their redds. These fish have been aggressive the last day or two since the water has dropped, you could try flies such as Mr. Bodangles-Pink, Starlite Leech-Pink, and Pink topwater wogs.

As for Dolly Varden, the mass amounts of rain we have had the last few days blew a few of the streams out. Although this made for bad fishing mid week, that will mean great fishing this weekend. With help from high water, the Chum Salmon have moved into Sheep, Salmon, and Montana creek. Try drifting beads and glo bugs behind these spawning beasts, and you are sure to hook up with some dime bright Dolly Varden. If you have questions aboutPinks716152 getting into bead fishing, check our our article Beads: The Bare Naked Truth, or stop into the shop and we can help.

As always, Happy Fishing!