As we near mid July, the pink salmon are taking their sweet time to arrive. Echo Cove has been super slow with just a fish here and there being caught. Cowee Creek, Montana Creek, Fish Creek and Sheep Creek all have had pinks in them but the numbers are quite low. Reports from the saltwater fishery west of Juneau is that there are pinks out there but they have not pushed in this far as of yet. 

The chum salmon are also late to the party. There are dogs out front of Sheep Creek and Amalga Harbor so we know they are around. The big factor has been the incredibly dry weather leading to very low stream levels. One good blast of rain will kick the salmon into gear and start getting them up the rivers. Keep your fingers crossed that we get some precip soon!

In the meantime, break out your trout rod and go stream fishing for Dollies. Both Montana Creek and Cowee Creek have Dollies in decent numbers in them. Try swinging Honey Holes, small Pink/Cerise AK Clousers, or other little attractor flies. Or just full on break out the beads and get to it. Even though there are not eggs in the water, Dollies will jump a bead in a heart beat this time of year.

See you out there!