We've had another week of decent weather and decent fishing! The angling season continues to heat up as the salmon have begun their migration towards town.
The first Saturday of the month, Sockeye were seen and successfully caught at Windfall. We have no reason to not expect the same this weekend. Try flies such as the Sockeye Lightning and Sockeye Lantern dead drifted under split shot, the Montana Brassie, Copper Swan and Sockeye Killers are great flies to dead drift alone or try them on the strip. Remember, this is a Wednesday and Saturday game through June, so get out there while you can!

And, now what you've all been waiting for... the King report. There are Kings out there. Maybe not in mass numbers yet, but they are around town. There have been sightings at Auke Creek, Salmon Creek and Fish Creek... And the tides are great this weekend to try your hand at catching one. If you head to Salmon Creek, try bracketing the low tide with flies like Mr. Bodangles, the Guide Intruder, and Rockstar. If you head to Auke or Fish Creek, try the incoming tide with the Rockstar, Party Girl, and Jumbo Critter (intermediate sink tips help here).

In last weeks report we stated that the first fly caught King off the road system wins a hat on us. Yesterday, that hat was claimed. Now, we assure you that we did not rig this operation, but the first King with proof goes to Kayla. Because of this, we've decided that we will allocate one more hat to the next King caught with proof! So, quit sitting around and get out there! Send photos to Kayla@alaskaflyfishinggoods.com!