IMG 3201Spring bright Dolly Varden caught by Jake Fleetwood. At this point in the season, variety is the name of the game. You could begin your day Sockeye fishing (if it's a Wednesday or Saturday) and end it Dolly Varden fishing.

This week the Dolly Varden and sea run cutthroat fishing has only gotten better since last week. They seem to be cultivating closer to the Salmon Creek area than anywhere else, but have still been found along Boy Scout Beach, Sheep Creek, Echo Cove, and now Auke Creek. Try focusing on the outgoing to low tide and low into the incoming flood tide. These hungry trout are feeding on the AK Clouser Minnow and the Stinger Clouser Minnow in Gray/White and Olive/White. Focus on stripping your line in quick, short strips to attract these Dollies to your fly.

The Dolly and sea run cutthroat fishing has seemingly been tide for tide. If you get into a school of fish, you can barely keep them off your fly... but, if you don't then, well, you don't... With the amount of salmon fry and smolt in the area, try blind casting if you are not seeing busts happening. There have been fish around, but not as openly active because they have so many food options.

On the sockeye front: our inside sources say that last Saturday and this Wednesday no sockeye was spotted at Windfall Creek. With rain in the forecast, it will likely help entice a few more fish into the creek for the Saturday opener this week. Try flies such as the Sockeye Lightning, Sockeye Killer, and Red Hots under split shot to swing up a chrome sockeye. Remember; fishing is only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays for the month of June.

Happy Fishing!