The Dolly Varden are in full swing all along the road system. They are gorging themselves on fry in estuaries and salt around the Gastineau Channel. Bracketing the low tide in all areas of the channel from Sheep Creek, to the Juneau-Douglas bridge all the way out to the Fish Creek flats is a good bet. Try Clouser Minnows in olive and white or gray and white. The fry in the channel are beginning to get a bit larger, so you could even try a Stinger Clouser Minnow in olive and white. The Dollies that are out further in the salt, in places such as Boy Scout Beach and the sand spit at Echo Cove, can be caught on olive and white Clouser Minnows and Pop's Sand Lance. The fishing at these two destinations seems to produce more fish at a dropping tide, but do not underestimate the incoming tide; it can be good, too!

Windfall Creek is now open to sockeye fishing Wednesday and Saturday's the month of June. We have yet to hear of any sockeye being caught up there, but we usually do not hear of any until the second Wednesday or Saturday of the month, so this next week should be good fishing up there! Try your luck with some Sockeye Lantern's, Red Hot's, and Mercer's Sockeye Fly.

Kings are beginning to show up to the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery, Fish Creek and Auke Creek release sites. These kings can be targeted in and around the mouth of Salmon Creek and Auke Creek. The best fishing numbers in these places tend to get better mid to late June, so now is the time to check your flies and make sure you have what you need. While targeting the Kings, try using 2/0 Clouser Minnows, Half n' Half's, Rockstars, and Mr. Bodangles in colors like pink and white, chartreuse and white, and chartreuse and blue.