Good news this week: fishing has been pretty good. Whether you are targeting Pink, Chum, Chinook, Sockeye or Dollies, fishing is getting better by the day.

AaronFor Dollies, head out to Cowee Creek and fish from the bridge down, the Dolly Varden have begun to transition back into the freshwater and are feeding on gray/white, olive/white Stinger and non stinger Clousers, and Humpie Hookers. We have not had many reports of Dollies in the estuaries, but we are sure there are at least a few milling around at Auke Creek, and Salmon Creek, and the Echo Cove sand spit.

For Kings, Auke Creek has been the most productive fishery thus far. Fish Creek is another great destination for Kings, however it seems to be fishing tide for tide. Try the incoming tide or outgoing from high at either location, using a short sink tip and flies like the Stephen1Mega Clouser Minnow, Mr. Bodangles, 907 Crusher, and Jumbo Critter. If there is current enough, try swinging your fly through the current, Kings are notorious followers of the fly.

For Chum, head to the mouth of Peterson Creek, the Shrine, Point Louisa, Lena and Sheep Creek. Try flies like the Striptease, Flash Fly, Starlite Leech and UV Calamari in white, pink, purple or chartreuse. These destinations are best fished at a falling to low tide.

For Pinks, it is a tad early still, but we have heard rumors of jumpers out toward the end of the road. Across from the sand spit at Echo Cove would be a good place to start. Summer solstice is often a good time of year to go try and poke around for one of the first pinks of the season. Try using the Humpie Hooker, Searunner Special, Smoltzilla- pink, Karluk Shrimp…. just about anything pink with a slight amount KevinMillerof weight. This area fishes best at an outgoing or incoming tide, once the tide gets too high, the Pinks seem to be too far out of casting range.

For Sockeye, you have two days left of the month to try your hand at catching a fish at Windfall. The fishing has been good, last week seemed hotter than this one, but that often changes at the drop of a hat... so be sure to get up there if you get a chance. Try flies such as the Montana Brassie, Sockeye Fly and Sockeye Lightning.

See you on the water!

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