kayla kingDamn, that is a big king!
Kings lead off the news this week. The opener last Saturday was quite the banner day. Good catch rates and some nice big fish, too. Fly colors alternated between pink and chartreuse most days and it was hard to say which one was most effective. Rockstars, Party Girls, Mega Clouser Minnows in 2/0 and Bodangles were the top patterns. 

Since then it has been day to day and tide to tide in terms of catch rate. There have been some good bites and also some slow periods. King fishing is always about persistance. You might get one on your third cast or it might be your 303 cast. But it comes down to getting your fly in the water repeatedly and showing it to a lot of fish. Keep at it and you'll hook a fish. The next 10 days to 2 weeks is historically the peak king fishing period. Get out and get some!

jake sockeyeWindfall Creek Sockeye
Sockeye fishing seems to have finally turned on. Windfall Creek was still high on Wednesday but it was considerably more fishable than the last two weeks. Fish were caught and even more were spotted in the creek. This Saturday and next Wednesday the 26th should be ideal as the weather forecast looks dry and hopefully the creek will drop even more and consolidate the fish even more. Get out there and have fun. See you on the water!

jake windfallStill high water but at least it is fishable.