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Dolly fishing continues to be good. This week, the Dollies have begun transitioning from salt to fresh a bit. In estuaries, Dolly fishing is currently going on out at Dupont, Echo Cove and Eagle Beach, and Salmon Creek. Patterns to try in freshwater and estuaries include: Clouser Minnows, and Wooly Buggers of different colors (begin throwing some pink Humpy Hookers for Dollies). In the salt try: Stinger Clouser Minnows and other bait fish patterns (again, try throwing some pink Humpie Hookers, or pink/white Clousers too).

Sockeye, like Kings, have been late to the gate this year. With the larger tides and rainfall from this last week, fresh Sockeye have pushed into some pockets up Windfall, we are expecting this to be the week it all hits full swing. Try flies such as the Sockeye Lightning, Sockeye Lanterns, Red Hots, and Montana Brassies under split shot.

johndavidThe hatchery king fishing has been slow so far this year, there have been a few caught off the beaches so far, but never the less has been slow to start. Target the Kings in and around Fish, Auke, and Salmon Creek  just before and after the high tide. Try big flashy patterns like Rock Stars, Mr. Bodangles, Mega Clousers, and Party Girl  in pinks, chartreuses and blues. It sure has been an epic bug year this year, so be sure to have your bug head net, deet, and gloves!

There have been rumors of Chums and Pinks beginning to show up around too, but we have yet to see any photo proof.

Happy Fishing!