There are three species of fish moving around the Juneau area that you can easily target off the road system….
The Dolly Varden fishing has still been great. Focus on the outgoing tide, fishing through the low, and into the first couple hours of the flood tide. Use flies such as the Stinger Clouser in olive/white, and gray/white, AK Clouser Minnows in the same colors, and the Smoltzilla in pink, gray or olive. This is the time of year where the Dollies begin to eat pink flies for whatever reason, so it is always good to have a couple in the arsenal. If you are not catching on realistic fry patterns, try switching it up a bit. The Dollies will begin to move into fresh water in the next few weeks, so get out and hit the estuaries while you can!

There have been a few hatchery kings showing up at both the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery and in Auke Bay. Although there have not been any positive reports of anglers catching them off shore, they have been spotted, and we have a feeling this weekend it’s going to happen. These Kings can be targeted off of the beaches in and around Salmon Creek and Auke Creek.  Kings should start to show up at Fish Creek in the next week or so, but are always a bit later than Auke Creek King arrivals. Try the Half n’ Half, Rockstars, Mr. Bodangles, Jumbo Critters, Mega Dolly Llama and  2/0 King Clousers in Pink/White  and Chartreuse/White. Target the Kings on the falling or flood tide (with emphasis on fishing from high to low tide).

Also, Windfall Creek is open for sockeye fishing Wednesdays and Saturdays this month. We haven’t received any reports of sockeye yet, but most years see the first fish return between the 7thand 15th, so this weekend we expect to see a few picked up. If you don’t want to rush up to Windfall for first light, try a few hours after a high tide, often waves of fresh fish will show up then.  Try Sockeye Lanterns, Red Hots, Mercer’s Sockeye Fly, Montana Brassie, and Sockeye Lightning.

Finally, get out there and catch some fish! 611