KaylaDollyEchoWell, we can't believe it is June already. May came and went with a splash as the Dolly Varden fishing kicked off and continues to keep getting better day to day. Since the water this year is colder than it has been the last few years, the fishing has begun a bit slower than before. Dolly fishing has been slightly touch and go, but this last week was exceptionally good. We had luck at the mouth of Salmon Creek, Peterson Creek, the sand spit at Echo Cove, Sheep Creek and under the Douglas bridge. Stinger Clousers in the gray/white variety really seemed to be the ticket, although the olive/white, AK Clousers, and the Cutty Buddy did excellent as well (nothing more exciting than watching Dollies take flies on top water!). *Photo of Dolly from yesterday

On the other hand, the first opening day of Sockeye fishing at Windfall Creek is this Saturday!sockeye in hand2016 Remember that fishing is only open Wednesday's and Saturday's in Windfall Creek the month of June, so get out there while you can! Try flies such as the Montana Brassie, Sockeye Lightning, Copper swan, and Sockeye lanterns. With good water current, these flies can be dead drifted under split shot. Make sure you have some sturdy tippet, as Sockeye really like to dance. *Photo of Sockeye from 2016

Another fish to arrive this month is the Chum Salmon. If you find yourself spending time at the mouth of Peterson Creek, there was a handful of super chrome Chum jumping around yesterday! Chum can be a fickle fish to catch on the fly around the Juneau road system, but they can often be seduced by small chartreuse or purple flies such as the Everglow, Deep Six and AmandaChumSockeye Lanterns. *Photo of Chum from 2016

As always, we would love to see you out on your fishing adventures!
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