Things are definitely on the upswing for sea run Dolly Varden fishing. Good catch reports have come in from Sheep Creek, the slide path along Thane Road, Salmon Creek, Echo Cove and Sunshine Cove to name just a few. The Dollies are out in force and cruising the beaches and stream mouths in decent sized schools. Most anglers are getting into a good school of fish, catching a few, then the school moves on and it quiets down until they come by again. Just keep fishing through the slow periods and you'll be rewarded. 

Hot flies have been AK Clouser Minnows in Olive/White and Gray/White in #8, Dopplegangers in Olive, Epoxy Mini Minnows and Tide Riders. As always make sure to retrieve the fly quickly so the Dollies don't get too long a look at it. 

Expect fishing to really go off in the next week. We talked with DIPAC about their upcoming chum fry releases and the tentative plan is to release all the pens at Amalga Harbor this weekend, May 18 and 19. Then the pens at Sheep Creek and Salmon Creek will be released the week of May 20 - 24. So there will literally be millions of chum fry in Gastineau Channel next week. Get ready for some mayhem!

Steelhead numbers have dropped off as we near the end of their season. If you do see a pair holding in a stream they are likely on their spawning bed at this point. Leave them be so they can make more steelhead.

On an event note, next Wednesday May 22nd at 6pm, is the annual Fly Casting Night at Twin Lakes. It is bigger and better than ever this year. In addition to the usual beginning casting lessons, free food, and camaraderie, there will be two new events.

  1. An Accuracy Casting Contest. We'll have a series of hula hoops at varying distances with points awarded when you land your fly in the hoop. This contest will be low key in terms of competition and much more focused on having fun. Cool prizes will be given away, too. All ability levels welcome. 
  2. Three Kids Fly Rod & Reel Outfits will be given away! Kids 12 and under can enter between 6pm-7pm and we will give the rods away at 7pm. Immediately following will be a kids-oriented casting lesson. Prize winners and any other kids are welcome to join in. 

See you on the water and hopefully at the Casting Night, too.