IMG 7651The Dolly fishing this spring began early, slowed for a bit, and is now beginning to pick up again. This last week, we heard of quite a few Dollies being picked up around the Sheep Creek, Salmon Creek, and Eagle Beach, Dupont, Hilda Creek, and Sawmill Creek area. The Dollies seem to be cruising by the shores in schools, so you will hook a couple, cast for a while, hook a few more, etc.

One thing to note, this past week, the Dolly Varden have not been seen breaking the water surface much, so for your casting technique, try casting out as far as you can, and stripping your line back to you in 5-20” sections as fast as you can. Continue using fry patterns such as the AK Clouser and the Stinger Clouser. 

The good news: DIPAC began pulsing their fry releases this week with a mass release of Coho Smolt to begin their releases. They will continue releasing Chum fry more each week until the end of May. The Dolly fishing will only increase as more salmon fry hit the channel.

As for the Steelhead, we have not heard a word since this sunny streak began, and we would suggest just going out in search of Dollies.

This weekend and coming week is looking like blue skies and sunny weather, that means remember your SPF 50, and we’ll see you on the water!
IMG 7599
Remember, next Thursday, May 21st we are teaming up with Trout Unlimited and Raincountry Flyfishers to bring you a Casting Night at Twin Lakes from 6-8pm. We will have beginning lessons, intermediate tips, BBQ, and all shop demo rods going for you to enjoy! Come one, come all. This is a FREE event, we encourage everyone to join in on the fun!