Dolly1It's been a busy week in the Capital City with the clear blue skies, fry in the water, and Dollies cruising the beaches around town. If you haven't already, it is time to bust out your fishing gear and hit the water!

Dolly Varden have been found schooling around beaches all around town from Amalga to Sheep. They areGavin gorging themselves on the salmon fry that the hatchery is so generously dumping out of net pens. We suggest going to your favorite fishing spot, bracketing the low tide and throwing fry pattern flies. The Dollies that we have seen have been vicious and hungry, but they are in schools, so be patient if you don't see them right away.

Try flies in varying sizes such as the Fryolator, AK Clouser, Stinger Clouser Minnow, or the Smoltzilla in grays and olive colors varieties. Bonus points for catching them on top water!

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