Well, maybe we jumped the gun a bit last week.

The Dolly fishing seems to have slowed down quite a bit this week, but what can we expect… it is afterall, still April. Typically this early in the year it is hard to convince people to dust of their rods, begin tying fry patterns, and begin prospecting creek estuaries around town. However, with the nice(er) weather we have in the forecast for the weekend, now is a great time to get out, practice your cast a bit, and prospect for Dolly Varden in the Juneau area.

In the last week, the temperatures above and underwater have dropped, thus the salmon fry and Dolly Varden movement has slowed. Places to go in search of Dollies this weekend would include Sheep Creek, Salmon Creek, Boy Scout beach, and Echo Cove. Try fishing small, sparse fry patterns such as the Clouser Minnow #6-#8. There are Dollies around town, you just need to do a bit more searching for them than usual.

As for Steelhead around the Juneau road system, we have yet to hear any confirmed reports of any chromers in the last week. The water levels in the creeks around town are very low, even with the rain we have been getting. Unless we get more rain this weekend, Steelhead fishing may be a difficult thing this season.

So, for now… Remember, that it is only April 30th, and the fishing can only get better from here!