image1We welcome this fishing season with sun, snow melt and plenty of eager anglers. The water levels are on the higher side this week, but that is a good thing this time of year. Creek and lake temps are on the rise, and fish are beginning to actively move around. So, let's run through the list of everything going on...

First off, pink, Chum, and Coho Salmon fry are beginning to drop out of the creeks and hang out in the estuaries. The hatchery net pen releases are still a ways off.

Dolly Varden and cutthroat trout are dropping out of lakes along with the salmon fry and are scooting along beaches, feeding on salmon fry in estuaries. Focus on bracketing the low tides (two hours before to two hours after low tide is usually the happening times), use fry patterns varying from small and sparse to stingerIMG 0704 style. Hot patterns have been the Salmon Fry- green/gold and gray/pearl, Fryloator- olive and the AK Clouser Minnow- olive/white and gray/white, white/red. As far as destinations go, any creek estuary in town is most likely fishing... The Dollies are out, just have to go out looking!

Finally, we all have the Alaskan Unicorn AKA steelhead on the brain. With as much water inviting the steelhead into creeks, and the warm water temps we have had, we can only assume that they are beginning to push into local creeks.

We have strated our free casting, check in to the Juneau News section to get those datesimage2 on your calendar!

As always, we would love to see you out on your fishing adventures!
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