Another fine week of fishing and rain has come and gone in the Capital city. As we move into the month of August, we all begin to get antsy as we anticipate the Silver Salmon return to the Juneau road system. We have heard rumors of Coho close to town with no solid proof at this point. However, there is still a hat up for grabs for the first photographic roadside coho caught!

The photo here is definitely a chrome coho, but not off the road system... close though, very close. This can only mean one thing.... Now is the prime time to begin poking around the channel! It is also good time to pull out those rods/reels/flies of yours that were shoved to the back of the closet in late September of last year, make sure you have adequate leaders (12-16lb Salmon/Steelhead leaders) and your flies aren't completely shredded from last year. Good early season destinations are Sheep Creek, 9 mile, and 5 mile. 5 mile and 9 mile are tidal fisheries that require you to bracket the low tides, where as Sheep Creek/Thane Ore house area seems to fish at any tide. Tie on some chartreuse or pink Clousers, Dolly Llamas, or 081116aBodangles and away you go!

As far as creek fishing goes, it still continues. Even with the lack of pinks in the creeks, the Dollies have been gorging themselves on just about anything they can find. From beads to leeches, and pink streamers to small flesh, the trout are hungry! Although today, a bunch of the creeks are high and chocolately from the rain, this weekend should be a good time to get out there and try your hand at some hungry Dollies. 

Moral of the story: Get out there. Go fish. Send fishing photos to kayla@alaskaflyfishinggoods.com. There's a hat on the line for you.