This family didn't just go fishing, they went catching!

As expected the large tidal swings over the past several days pushed a nice slug of fresh coho into Gastineau Channel and creeks along the road system. Although we have a lot of fish around, fishing for them hasn't been an exact science. While some anglers reported "hit or miss" fishing, others have been slaying them in good numbers. Fish are being caught on both the incoming and outgoing tides and on an enormous variety of fly patterns in a multitude of color combinations. With so many productive options one can assume we are at, or near, the peak of coho fishing. That said, if you've been waiting to get out fishing, now is the time to grab your rod and get after it while the getting is good!

Coho fishing is a family affair.

According to the National Weather Service forecast, we are expected to have a wet and windy start to the weekend. Despite the rain and variable water conditions fish can still be grabby if you manage to get your fly in front of them, so don't be deterred by a little off colored water. If you do find yourself fishing "dirty" water try darker colored flies with a broader profile to increase your chances. Rivers and creeks should be in good shape through Friday but keep an eye out for rising water levels over the weekend if heavy rains do hit the area.

A dime bright coho showcased by a one-handed grip and grin.

If you've been wanting to give fly fishing for coho a try, it's not too late! Come by the shop and our staff will be happy to assist with questions and help set you up with the proper gear to get you on the water. We are happy to announce that #2 Dolly Llamas (black & white) or Mr. Bodangles ("coho" pink) are BACK IN STOCK! Grab them while supplies last!

Mr. Bodangles in classic coho pink are back in stock.

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Thanks again for all of your continued support! Happy fishing and see you on the water!