When it's hot, it's hot!

Last week the coho fishing shifted into high gear. Catch rates jumped from one or two caught on a tide swing to three or four and even a few limits of 6 were caught. When the schools were in front of you the odds of hooking up were really good. And these early season fish are hot! Multiple runs into the backing and fish that just didn't want to give up were the norm. Take your time fighting these early run brutes. We saw a lot of broken rods come back in the shop last week and we are guessing you don't want to join that group.

As has been the case the last few weeks, the mornings have been more productive than the afternoons and evenings. If you have the opportunity to get out there earlier, it generally will pay off. Thane road spots all the way to Sheep Creek have been leading the way. The rest of the channel was starting to pick up last weekend as well and then the rains muddied everything up and effectively shut down the fishing. Until we get a respite from the rain, Thane Road should be your focus.

BIG Buck coho on a Chartreuse & White Dolly Llama.

For flies, colors and sizes have stayed remarkably similar for the last few weeks. Black & White, Pink & White, All Pink and just a smattering of Chartreuse have been the winners. Dolly Llamas, UV Polar Starlites and S.T.S Leeches have been the flies of choice. We have cooked up more Grab & Go's in 6 and 12 fly configurations so if you are in need they are a quick and effective way to load up.

Just in case you need a break from coho fishing, there have been some really nice cutthroat and Dolly Varden coming out of the creeks. They can be tricky to locate since there are not a lot of spawning chum or pinks to fish behind. But if you do find them, they will readily take a bead.

Really nice cutthroat trout from a stream in Juneau.

It sounds like the weather may be finally cutting us a little slack, so grab your gear and make a run for it! This weekend is going to be fun. See you on the water.