As we move deeper into fall, the temperatures are dropping, the storms are more numerous, and picking your fishing days is the name of the game. The fine weather last weekend allowed anglers to fish the creeks for the first time in quite awhile and reports came in of bright coho in Montana and Cowee Creek. For most of September, both creeks were too swift and off color to provide much reliable fishing. A few dry days was all it took for them to drop and produce some really nice fish.

A beautiful coho from a clear creek last weekend!

The channel was fishable as well (9 Mile and 5 Mile both had good water clarity) and a mix of bright fish and more colored up coho were caught. Sheep Creek continued to produce although overall numbers are dropping off. From here on out, watch the weather forecast and pick the dry-ish days to get those last casts in. Sheep Creek and Thane will be the most reliable spots for finding clear water to fish as they are the least affected by muddy water coming out of creeks. We'll keep our fingers crossed for fresh fish to keep trickling in this month but it is always a guess whether there are more coming or not.

Still some bright fish in the area!

On a shop related note, we are HAVING A SALE!  We need to clear out some gear to make room for the New For 2022 products that will be coming soon. This Friday & Saturday, we'll have a sale on:

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We are getting the sale items stacked up!

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And as the season winds down, so too will our shop hours. We are now open:

  • Monday - Friday 10am - 5:30pm
  • Saturday 10am - 4:00pm
  • Sunday - Closed

Keep fishing on the days that allow and we'll see you out there!