As we hit mid September and cruise into the latter part of the silver season, the coho fishing remains strong. Last weekend it seemed like numbers were dwindling and the catch rate was falling off. We were starting to think the end was in sight. This continued through Monday and then on Tuesday a whole new batch of bright fish showed up. Thane Road and Sheep Creek picked back up and anglers were hooking (but not always landing) a lot of coho. 9 Mile and Bayview were also fishing well but the water clarity was definitely marginal. 5 Mile was generally too muddy to fish.

The scales aren't even set on this beautiful coho from September 14.

Don't hang your gear up yet! There are still fish coming in and we expect the fishing to be solid going into the weekend and next week. We also got several reports of people out trolling still picking up silvers which is a good sign that they haven't all arrived yet. Hopefully we'll have an extended coho season this year. The weather forecast looks to be improving and a somewhat dry weekend is coming our way. In addition to the beach fishing, the river fishing should be good as the weather dries out. Both Cowee Creek and Montana Creek will drop into shape with a little dry weather so keep them in mind, too.

For flies, Dolly Llamas have been outfishing most everything else this past week. Pink & White, Chartreuse & White and Pink & Purple have all been good. The sleeper color has been All White. This color is especially good in off color water and you may want to have a few in your fly box.

Beautiful fall Dolly Varden.

Coho aren't the only fish to be had locally. When the streams are fishable, some really nice Dollies in spawning colors  have been landed. They tend to be in small groups that are spread out. So a stretch of river can seem empty but when you find the school of fish it is game on. Beads and small attractor streamers have been most effective.

Fall steelhead flies in all their glory.

Finally, if fall steelhead are in your plans we have plenty of prime flies and beads to help you get into the fish. While Juneau isn't the first spot you think of for fall steelhead, Prince of Wales Island, Yakutat, the Kenai Peninsula and Kodiak all support robust runs of fall steelhead. Fishing is particularly good from mid October until the creeks freeze up. So if you have travel plans or a fall hunt in any of these areas, check in with us before you head out.

Don't forget your steelhead beads!

The shop will be open this Sunday September 19th and that will be our last Sunday of the season. We'll be open Monday - Saturday starting on the 20th.

See you out there!