Super nice coho on a foggy morning.

If you were waiting for peak coho fishing, it is here! The channel is absolutely stuffed with big bright coho and anglers are landing fish from Fish Creek to Sheep Creek. When you drive Thane Road you'll see fish popping all the way to the end. Add to that the best weather we've had since May (which isn't say much but still we'll take it...) and it's the perfect recipe for some fall fun.

Last week some really big tides pushed a whole lot of fish into Gastineau Channel as well as the creeks. Dry weather allowed the water to finally clear up so the coho could actually see your fly and it was game on. Black & White, Black & Pink and Pink & White Dolly Llamas kept killing it and we've had some reports of Tutti Fruiti starting to work well, too. UV Polar Starlite Leeches and Clousers were also very effective. The dark horse fly of the week was the S.T.S Leech in Creamsicle. It railed a ton of fish!

Getting it done like a pro!

This weekend will feature some super small tide swings. With under 10 feet of water moving in 6 hours the fish are more apt to stay in the same general place and give anglers plenty of time to get a fly in front of them. And with smaller high tides and larger low tides the prime window to fish is pretty much all the time. Perfect! Make sure to have a variety of flies on hand for when they do get fussy.

Kayla, once again, with coho in hand.

The weather looks like it will be beautiful, so disregard all those house projects, lawn care and other assorted responsible activities and get out there and fish!

Gratuitous cute dog and coho photo.

Keep up the good work Juneau and we'll see you on the water!