The report this week looks a lot like the report last week, so we'll keep it pretty brief. Dolly fishing keeps producing particularly in creeks that have enough flow. With the dry weather last week Montana Creek dropped down a bunch and Peterson Creeks isn't even flowing. Montana is still plugged with pink salmon especially downstream from Back Loop Bridge. This makes trout fishing in this section particularly challenging. It's hard to get a fly through all the pinks.

Sheep Creek is still fishing well as is Cowee Creek. Mottled Beads in the 8mm variety have been the producers of late. We've built some more SE Starter Bead Selections if you want to jump in on some Dolly fishing.

On to coho. We still haven't had a winner in our First Coho of the Season Contest! There have been coho spotted in Gastineau Channel as far up as DIPAC. So there are very likely at least a few coho in the Sheep Creek area just waiting to be caught. The tides this past week were very small but they are changing to big tides this next week. That will likely get some fish moving and push a few more into the channel. It is worth giving your gear a shake down cruise and get ready for some coho action. Plus there is a t-shirt and prime box of coho flies just waiting to go home with the first angler to get into a coho!

A killer box of coho flies and a shop t-shirt are just waiting to go home with the Silver Salmon Contest Winner!

In case you missed it last week, here are the details of the contest. Good luck out there.