It looks like today and tomorrow may be our summer, Juneau. Tell your boss we give you permission to take the day off and go fishing in the sun!!! Here is what you should do.

  1. Go catch a Dolly: the creeks have dropped back into shape and bead fishing for Dollies is excellent. Cowee Creek, Montana Creek, Fish Creek, Sheep Creek, or anywhere else there are a handful of chum to attract Dollies, all are in prime shape and worth a go.

    Montana Creek at prime flow.

  2. Go catch a pink salmon: Echo Cove, Cowee Creek, Lena Cove, Sheep Creek, Fish Creek and more all have fishable numbers of pinks in them. We are all happy to see them back and you should go catch one.
  3. Go catch a chum: We know they aren't the top fish on your list but go do it anyway. They are big, have gnarly  teeth, are crazy hues of olive and purple and are worth a tug or two.

The chum are here!

Go have some fun while the sun is out, catch a fish you don't normally chase and next week we'll get down to coho.

See you out there!