40" King Salmon on the Two Hander. Mark Hieronymus photo.

As we roll into July we are looking at a super nice weather forecast and plenty of fish to chase. Be sure to take advantage of the 4th of July weekend and get some fishing in.

King salmon continue to roll in and we have been pleasantly surprised at the number of chrome bright fish in the area. The run has not slowed yet and if anything the kings have gotten somewhat grabbier when a fly is put in front of them. Don't get us wrong, getting a king to eat is never easy or predictable, but these later run fish often are more receptive to eating flies. Especially somewhat smaller patterns. Where as monster 5" long Bjorn's Stinger Prawns were the early season super star, the more compact Mr. Bodangles in Pink and Chartreuse, 907 Crushers in Pink/Orange and UV Hareball Leeches are having their day now.

Fish Creek has been continuing to kick out kings as has the channel by Bayview. Sheep Creek has also been a reliable spot to get your king fix. Get out there and give it another go!

Mr. Dolly Varden. Coming soon to a stream near you!

If you want to mix it up and do a little trout fishing, you aren't alone. You can only lob bomber flies on a 10 weight for so long before you need a break. Sheep Creek is making its annual crank up as Dollies move back in the stream mouth in anticipation of the chum salmon arrival. This same phenomena is also starting in lower Montana Creek and Cowee Creek out the road. Small attractor flies are the order of the day. AK Clousers in Pink/White, Pink/Cerise and Cerise/Orange, Honey Holes, and Tungsten Mini Dolly Llamas in Pink/White and Black/White are all ideal. Try stripping these flies in or swinging them through the deep runs. A small split shot placed 16" up from the fly can help if you feel like your fly isn't getting down enough.

In terms of the next salmon species coming, there are chums in the channel and in Amalga Harbor. They can be maddeningly difficult to hook when they get into their zombie mode, but if you want to give them a crack try smaller chartreuse or pink patterns such as UV Calamari or Pink Humpy Hookers. We have not heard of any pink salmon sightings on the road system yet. (If you land one send us a photo!) Even years are the smaller runs of pinks and this year's run is predicted to be quite small. Cowee Creek and Echo Cove are good spots to try for an early pink.

On a shop note, it was a busy and fun June so a big THANK YOU to all of you who got out fishing and by doing so supported the shop. Juneau's fly fishing community is a special one and we love seeing your enthusiasm and excitement when the season is in full swing. We are looking forward to a great rest of the summer fishing season.

For the 4th of July Holiday Weekend we'll be open:

  • Friday the 3rd just from 10am - Noon
  • Closed on Saturday the 4th & Sunday the 5th

Grab whatever gear you need before Noon on Friday, have a great weekend and we'll see you when we reopen at 10am on Monday the 6th.