amber cohoA Nice Late Season Buck.
This is our last Fish Report of a fabulous fishing season! Coho fishing continues along, although not at the breakneck pace it had been. The return of hatchery coho in the channel is slowing in a big way. There are still coho in Sheep Creek itself. As the tide rises you can see schools of fish push up to the highway bridge. The beaches out front of Sheep have slowed considerably. Many of the fish have moved up towards the hatchery at Salmon Creek. It is possible new fish will trickle in as the month goes on so give it a go if you feel the urge.

After the big rain storm early this week, the channel around 5 Mile and 9 Mile was too muddy to fish. As it clears we'll see if there are any fish left to catch. It is definitely worth a look too as duck hunters often report seeing coho out there even into November!

As the month rolls on, you will still be able to find wild coho in some of the local rivers. Cowee Creek out the road consistently gets a nice later run of fish. You just have to catch it when the river isn't too high. Montana Creek gets a good late run as well, but last week's big rains caused a landslide upstream of the end of the road and it was muddying up the water in a big way. It's a toss up whether Montana Creek will clear up this fall or not....

Finally, don't overlook fall trout fishing. Sea run cutthroat and Dolly Varden will return to the lakes and get ready to hibernate for the winter. Before they do, they are actively feeding. Windfall Lake, Auke Lake, and the Dredge Lakes all can be a lot of fun in October. Try fishing Carey Buggers in Black or Olive, Tungsten Beadhead Thin Mints, UV Mini Leeches and Honey Holes.

Thanks to all who read the report this year and sent in photos for us to use. Much appreciated! We will start the report back up next spring as soon as there are fish to catch.

And for your viewing pleasure, here are a handfull of photos from early season steelhead right through coho season. Enjoy!

chorme steelheadChrome Steelhead
Dolly1Searun Dolly Varden Comes To Hand
Kia CutthroatSpring Cutthroat
king from beachThumper King Salmon Off The Beach
chumMr. Chummy
Super Bright CohoMega Chromer Coho!
Hooked UpThe Best Feeling is When You Are Hooked Up!