As the 2012 season rapidly winds down, it is time for a final report. Another season is under our belt and I can honestly say I have never seen one quite like it.

Spring was the coldest and wettest on record and the steelhead fishing was challenging to say the least. The water was often very high and frigid. Not a normal combination. The Dolly fishing took its time getting going in the saltwater as cold temps slowed down the fry out migration.

June rolled in and the weather was still cold and rainy. Both the king run and the Windfall Creek sockeye runs were non-events. The fish were late and the water conditions not favorable to fishing. July was a nice reprieve as the pinks and chums showed up in force. The stream Dolly fishing was once again outstanding and Echo Cove had plenty of pinks to keep anglers entertained off the beach. Coho started nicely in late August and early September and then the heavy rains blew everything out for two weeks. When things cleared up most of the fish had rolled on by. While persistent anglers are still out there and picking up a few fish, the runs are definitely slowing.

So, if you felt like it was tough fishing this season, you aren't alone. It was tough. Don't be discouraged. Next season is bound to be better!

If you do want to fish a bit more this year, Dollies and cutts are moving back into the lakes in preparatoin for their winter hibernation. Windfall Lake, Auke Lake, Dredge Lakes are all good bets to get a late season fat trout. And if you can pick your days, coho will continue to sneak in all fall.

Thanks for reading the report this year and for supporting your local fly shop. We'll start the reports back up in April. Have a great winter. Brad