8/24/2023 Fishing Report

Holy pink salmon!  The streams around the area are still stuffed with pink salmon.  Not only are there good-looking pinks all over, but there are also still a good number of chums around too.  This is great news if you are the type of angler that enjoys catching fish.  There have been a few more reports of freshwater cohos caught, but not many.  There have also been a couple cohos caught at Sheep Creek and a couple seen at Bayview.  Given the amount of cohos still out in the salt water being caught by trollers we suspect that the run is a little later this year and many more fish are on the way.

The Dolly fishing has been excellent as of late.  All the creeks are full of Dollies and this late into the season they are starting to get quite chunky.  The skinny silver snakes of spring are long gone and now the Dollies are getting chunky and into spawning colors.  By now the Dollies are smart and full and won't move to eat any bead.  While there are still a few chums left to spawn the majority of the eggs in the water are humpy eggs.  These tend to be a little more pale and smaller than chum eggs.  Start with an 8mm and go from there.  If you are fishing a shade that isn't producing, change it up.  It's shocking how slight variations in bead color can make the difference between catching fish or not.

*We understand that folks want fish, but, if possible, release most of the wild cohos after you catch them.  By all means, keep a fish for a BBQ, just leave the freezer filling for hatchery fish.

As always, we love featuring your photos for our fishing reports.  If you have a great fish, scenery, or action photo that has to do with fishing around town send it our way!  You can email photos or videos to cory@alaskaflyfishinggoods.com.  Please remember to handle fish with care, especially if you are practicing catch and release.  Consider getting a net with a rubber basket to help land fish quickly and keep them in the water until you are ready to snap a quick photo.

See you on the water!

The Crew at AFFG

  • Listed below are the hot patterns of the week.  Fisheries change here through-out the season and we do our best to get you the hot flies.  Listed below are our recommended patterns for the particular species available.  Happy fishing!

Hot Beads - Dolly Varden

Hot Flies - Coho