5/30/2024 Fishing Report

The Dolly fishing is so good right now!  Sheep Creek has finally started picking up and there are some big Dollies cruising the beaches.  The beach in front of the whale has slowed down just a little, but across the channel in front of little Cowee Creek is fishing great.  Almost all tides have been fishing well, with the only predictable lulls in action around slack tide. Echo Cove, Boy Scout Beach and plenty of other areas out the road are fishing well, too. This a great weekend to get out and look for some fish.

DIPAC has been slowly releasing smolt for the last couple weeks.  All 1.3 million coho have been released with the remaining 105,000,000 chum smolt (yes, you read that number right) getting released this week.  The 750,000 king smolt in rearing have a couple more weeks to go and then they will get released as well.  What this translates in fishing terms is smaller flies for the next two weeks.  Once the king smolt are released, bump up the sizes.  There will be a bunch of various sized smolt around here soon so day to day Dollies may be keying in on different salmon smolts.  If your fly seems to be getting lost in the sea of food, try a bright color like pink or chartreuse.

Saturday marks the first day of June and the first opportunity of the year for some salmon!  Windfall Creek is open Wednesday's and Saturday's only this month.  If you want to try your hand at catching a sockeye, this is your fishery.  Remember the limit is one per day.  King salmon retention also opens Saturday in the terminal areas north of DIPAC only.  Read the regs and emergency orders carefully as not all areas around Juneau have the same regulations.

As always, we love featuring your photos for our fishing reports.  If you have a great fish, scenery, or action photo that has to do with fishing around town send it our way!  You can email photos or videos to cory@alaskaflyfishinggoods.com.  Please remember to handle fish with care, especially if you are practicing catch and release.  Consider getting a net with a rubber basket to help land fish quickly, pinch your barbs and keep them in the water until you are ready to snap a quick photo.

See you on the water!

The Crew at AFFG

Listed below are the hot patterns of the week.  Fisheries change here through-out the season and so do the best patterns to use.  Below are some of the recommended flies for the current fisheries.  Happy fishing!

Hot Flies - Dolly Varden

Hot Flies - Cutthroat Trout