The Plus in Boat Plus is for the additional row of foam and hooks that allows this awesome box to store up to 80 articulated flies! The smaller end is ideal for compact flies like Sculpzillas, Mini Dolly Llamas and other trout patterns while the larger end will warehouse your big salmon and steelhead patterns. This box is our favorite for week long trips.

This box is ideal for keeping your flies organized, safe and ready to fish. Whether it is bouncing around the cab of your pick up or in the drift boat, you’ll have all your ammo right at hand.

The durable suitcase-style box folds up and latches securely. It measures 10.5″ x 8.5″ x 3.25″.

The Plan D is the ideal box to keep your articulated and strung out flies neat and organized. Gone are the days of the tangle of Dolly Llamas in your box! Simply slip the eye of the hook over one of the stainless steel hooks in the box and then insert the hook bend in the slotted foam.