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Sage X Series Switch Rods

Sage X Series Switch rods are considered by many to be the finest fast-action switch rods made. They cast beautifully overhead and really shine when you work the Spey-style casts. Available as 11 footers in sizes 6, 7 and 8, there is a rod for every need. 

If you have questions about matching a line or reel with any rod, email us or call at 907-586-1550. 

$1,099.00 each Sage X Series 6110-4 SAGE'S X Series 11' 6wt is the go getter for trophy trout. Use this rod for rivers big or small, from the boat...
$1,099.00 each Sage X Series 7110-4 The 11' 7wt. X Series Switch is considered the "cross over" rod. From big trout and summer steelhead to pinks,...
$1,099.00 each Sage X Series 8110-4 The 8110 X Series Switch can do it all and do it well. This is our favorite switch rod for coho all over the s...
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