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Redington Dually 8116-4 Package

$449.00 each
The Dually 8113-4 is the ideal salmon and steelhead economy switch package. Remember, two hands are better than one!
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The Redington Dually is a great rod to cast either over hand or spey style. The rod is durable, affordable, and carries a lifetime warranty. Paired with a Redington Behemoth reel, which is a fully cast aluminum fishing machine. This pair is perfect for throwing large streamers to large fish all day long.

We have paired the Dually with the Switch Chucker line from Rio. This is a wicked line when you are beginning to learn spey and switch casting style, or just for a bomber long distance overhand cast.

Also included is a MOW Light of your choice, either a sinking tip or a floating tip, 30lb dacron backing, and a guaranteed good time.
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