Echo SR 81010-4

Echo SR 81010-4


The 10’10” SR 8 is the best all around rod for steelhead and salmon. A very forgiving rod for the beginner caster with enough power to satisfy the advanced caster.This is the master in the Echo SR Line up.

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From Us:
This beast is easy to cast and will work salmon, steelhead and trout over from Alaska all the way down to California and beyond. Good for singlehand and overhead use, excellent for double hand spey use!

This rod is a great choice for the angler looking to save a few bucks or the guy wanting to taste “Switch” fishing.

Reel Recommendations:
-Lamson Guru 4 and Litespeed 4
-Nautilus NV 9/10 or CCF-X2 9/10
-Sage 4210
-Hatch 9 Plus

Line Recommendations: Single Hand Lines:
-Rio Outbound WF-9-F or WF-9-Intermediate for beach casting or overhead casting from a boat
-Rio Power Fly WF-9-F or WF-10-F for dry line and indicator use
-Rio DC 24′ Streamer Sink Tip 300 grain for getting deep when overhead casting

*Please note that these are recommendations that we like. Some casters prefer to over line this rod by 2 line sizes. We feel this rod will fish well with 9wt or 10wt lines. Pleae email us with questions.

Double Hand/Spey Lines 390-540 grains:
-Airflo Scandi Compact 420gr, 450gr, 480gr.-For dry line use such as skating dries and swinging nymphs (We like the 420gr for advanced casters, the 450gr. for most casters and the 480 gr. for intermediate to novice casters. People who really like to load the rod will choose the 480 gr.)
-Airflo Skagit Compact 480gr, 510 gr, 540gr.-For use with a sink tip and heavier flies (We like the 360gr for most sink tip needs, but those who like to heavily load the rod may prefer the 480gr.)
-Airflo Rage Compact 480 gr. This is a great choice for multiple applications.
-Rio Scani Short Versitip #8 485 gr. This line, like the Rage Compact, is designed for multiple applications. Come with 10′ tips (Floating-Type 6)

Poly Leaders/Sink Tips:
-Airflo 14′ Polyleaders (Floating and Intermediate sink for use with Scandi Heads and -Fast Sink-Extra Super Fast for use with Skagit-style heads.)
-Airflo Custom Cut 200 gr. cut to 8′-12′ (Use with Skagit style heads and lines.)
-Rio T8 cut to 10′-15′, T11 cut to 10′-15′(Use with Skagit style heads and lines.)

From Echo:
-Four piece travel design
-Alignment dots for quick assembly
-Compact upper handle design with composite upper end
-Black anodized aluminum reel seat
-Dark slate gloss blank
-Hard chrome single foot guides
-Olive cordura case with cloth sock
-40″ fish hero mark
-Echo lifetime warranty


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