Echo SR 5108-4

Echo SR 5108-4


The Echo SR 5 is a 10’8″ 5 weight. It is a sweet rod for trout and char. Easy to cast and easy to fish, an all around bad stick for a great price! An excellent choice for any angler looking to rip on some trout from Alaska down to California.

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From Us:
The Echo SR 5 is a multi functional 5 wt switch rod that is a great choice for the angler who is looking for the fun and two hand capabilty of a spey rod, yet the versatility and functionality of a singlehand rod.

This rod is designed to be fished for trout all over the world. Great for trout in 10″ to 24″ range.

Reel Recommendations:
-Sage 4280 or 3880
-Nautilus NV 6/7 or FWX 7/8
-Lamson Litespeed 3.0 or Guru 3.0
-Echo Ion 6/7

Line Recommendations:
Singlehand/Overhead Lines:
-Rio Outbound WF-6-F, Rio Powerfly WF-7-F, Rio Grand WF-7-F (We like theOutbound for beach casting, the Clouser for throwing heavy flies and the Grand for dry flies and nymphing)
-Rio Grand WF-6-F

Two Handed/Spey Lines-270-360 grains.
-Airflo Scandi Compact in 270gr., 300gr., 330gr.-For dry lline use or swinging nymphs (We like the 270 gr. for good casters that have a compact casting stroke, the 300 as an all around line and the 330 for the beginner caster or the angler that likes to heavily load the rod.)
-Airflo Skagit Switch Compact in 360 gr. for work with streamers and sinktips
-Airflo Rage Compact in 330 or 360 gr. This line is for the a combination of Scandi and Skagit casting.
-Rio Scandi Short Versitip #5. This is a similar line to Airflo’s Rage Compact and it comes with a variety of 10′ tips (Floating-Type 6)

Polyleaders/Sink Tips
-Airflo 10′ Polyleaders Floating – SuperFast Sink
-Rio Spey Versi Leader in 6′ & 10′
-Airflo Custom Cut Tip 200gr. (Cut down to 5-6 foot lengths)

From Echo:
-Four piece travel design
-Alignment dots for quick assembly
-Compact upper handle design with composite upper end
-#4 and #5 have shorter, more condensed upper and lower handle
-Black anodized aluminum reel seat
-Dark slate gloss blank
-Hard chrome single foot guides
-Olive cordura case with cloth sock
-40″ fish hero mark
-Echo lifetime warranty


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