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Airflo Scandi Compact - 360 Grain - 40% OFF

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Airflo Scandinavian Compact shooting heads for use with Switch and Spey rods. Great for dry line work with switch rods.

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Airflo's Scandi Compact heads are perfect for dry line work with Switch rods and shorter Spey rods.  

Scandi Compacts come in 30 grain increments starting at 270 grains all the way up to 540 grains. This makes finding the correct head for your rod a lot easier. 

Use with Airflo's 10' and 14' floating or clear intermediate Polyleaders.

Light Blue with designated colored tips to specify grain weight. 

*Note: These shooting heads need to be used with a running line and a tip such as a Polyleader.
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