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Modern Steelhead Flies

$39.95 each
The best steelhead fly tying book we have seen in years! Modern Steelhead flies is a great addition to any fly tyer's library. It features the contributions of over 30 fly tyers from around the country offering their best tips and tactics for creating steelhead flies. From tying Intruders to using modern materials, there is something of interest for every level of tyer. 


You will love this book! The first 50 pages covers the overview of steelheading and what makes a good steelhead fly. This is followed by highlighting14 different patterns tied step by step with over 400 images. Just this part of the book is worth the price. Finally, the book dives into a 150+ page gallery of steelhead flies and tyers. Each tyer is featured along with his flies and the recipes to tie them. Incredible images throughout really make this a book you will want in your tying library.
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