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Hatch Finatic 4 Plus Gen 2

$500.00 each
5 5 1 Product
The Hatch Finatic 4 Plus is our choice for your 5 weight rod. It balances beautifully on a 9 foot 5 weight and offers all the performance and durability you will ever need. A truly exceptional reel that performs flawlessly in freshwater and salt. 

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From Us:
Don't let the name fool you, while it works just fine on a 4 weight, it really balances out perfectly on your 9 foot 5 weight. The drag is super smooth and will protect fine tippets and offers more than enough stopping power when a big rainbow is freight training towards a log jam. 

Beginning at the bottom, a Hatch signature feature is the one piece machined reel and reel foot. One piece construction eliminates corrosion around screws and is much stronger than a reel foot that is screwed on. Next, they have machined dimension into the frame, so you can pull all you want on the reel and spool, but they are not flexing from one another. The frame and spool use Hatch’s own 'power flower' to lock together in a bomb proof tight fit.

New for the Gen 2 Series is a mist finish that smoothes the edges of all parts and eliminates any glare. The drag sealing has been even further improved upon with lip seals and sealed bearings so water cannot get in the drag and eventually cause problems. Hatch has also redesigned the machining of the frame to reduce weight without losing strength. Finally the crank & counterbalance now feature an Ultrafon sleeve that inhibit galvanic corrosion so the crank will spin effortlessly for year.

-Type 2 Anodize
- 4-6
-4.9 oz
-Black/Silver, Clear/Black, Clear/Blue, Clear/Green, Clear/Red, Gray/Black
20# Hatch Dacron Backing: LA WF4F-120Y, WF5F-110Y, WF6F-88Y; MA WF4F-165Y, WF5F-150Y, WF6F-120Y