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Rio InTouch Switch Line

$99.95 each
The Rio Switch line is perfect for the person who wishes to effectively fish with indicators out of a drift boat.
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From Us:
This line is the best line to use as an indicator line. Think long mends, long drifts, and short maneuvers flipping your line to exactly where you want it.

With the added InTouch to this line, it has removed the added stretch from the fly line. Now, when you get a grab, you are that much quicker and accurate at the hook set.

From Rio:
RIO's InTouch Switch is the line for anglers that want complete control of the way the line and fly fish at a distance. A unique taper design ensures that casters can either overhead cast, or spey cast according to their individual skills and situation.

- Short, powerful front taper that easily casts indicators and large flies
- Long head for great mending and fly control at distance
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