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Airflo Head Bag Storage System

$24.99 each
Need a good way to deal with those stinkin' shooting heads for your switch or spey? Look no further. Tim Rajeff designed Airflo's head bag to help organize and maximize your time on the water.


 Designed by Tim Rajeff to take the "Messing with your Head" out of shooting heads, the Airflo Head Bag and its six clear zip lock bags (pages) are designed to hold a variety of Shooting heads, Skagit heads, or any number of sink tips.

Salmon and steelhead junkies are now using these as an all in one vest/pack/fly box. Fill your head bag with Scandi and Skagit heads, sink tips, poly leaders, tippet material, and a few of your favorite killer bugs and off you go.

Extra outside pocket, and 2 inside pockets.

Overall closure is via a Velcro strap allowing for easy expansion of contents. 

Size: 10X 9 & Includes 6 pages-Additional pages $1.00 ea.