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Rio Connect Core Metered Running Line

$59.95 each
Connect Core Running Line is quickly becoming a favorite of switch and Spey casters. If you like a coated (non-mono) running line then check this one out.

It has almost no stretch to it so you can feel even the tiniest of grabs. Compare that to a stardard core running line with 30% stretch. The majority of the running line is thin diameter for easy shooting and then right before the head attachment the diameter thickens up for easy handling. The line has a color change every 10 feet so gauging the distance of your cast is easy. 



Both ends of the running line have 8 inch loops to allow for quick and easy head attachment and rigging. 

Total line length is 100' and the orange handling section ranges from 16ft - 19' depending on the line. 

Select your line based on the grain size head you will be casting:
  • 200-450 grain head -> .026"/15lb
  • 450-575 grain head -> .032"/20lb
  • 575-675 grain head -> .037/20lb
  • 675 grain and up     -> .042/30lb
Spend just $200 more for


within US.