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Steelhead Liquid Wrench 'LIGHT' #2 - Chartreuse and Red

$3.95 each
The Chartreuse & Red Light Liquid Wrench is the sleeper, but it can change your whole day, too! Break this bad boy out when the fishing gets tough on the Situk or any other Southeast AK watershed.


But what about those times when the water is low and it seems like the fly is getting hung up every other drift ...? We present to you the Liquid Wrench Light. Tied in our three most popular colors. This wrench is one hook size smaller and matched with a smaller tungsten bead. 

An AFFG exclusive fly you won't find anywhere else. Tied on a size 2 Gamakatsu 90° jig hook matched with a 3/16" Tungsten Slotted Bead, the Liquid Wrench lite still drops like a rock, but is much easier to fish in shallower runs and pools.

Fish this fly on a floating line, Rio Salmon Steelhead Leader in 12 lb test and Thingamabobber Indicator. Swing it, jig it, or dead drift it.
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