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Backyard in Nowhere DVD

$29.95 each
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Laugh until your belly hurts as you watch a group of dudes headed to the remote Innoko River in Alaska. 


After the fly fishers meet the Native Americans that live in the drainage, their adventure begins to take wild twists and turns.

Moving deeper into the Backyard, the fly fishers find some of the best pike on the fly fishing ever caught on film. But, to their misfortune, the Backyard turns out to be a lot like the old West. Generous servings of booze, taking the law into one’s own hands and gun slinging over a piece of land, are challenges that need to be overcome to find the giants of the Innoko.

The result is a film that has been compared in style to that of grindhouse flicks, putting an end to the idea of fly fishing as ”the quiet sport”. This is Fly, one of the world’s premier fly fishing magazines, wrote this about the trailer:
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