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Leviathan DVD

$29.95 each
Another fantastic destination fishing film from Gin Clear Productions. Browns in New Zealand, giant rainbow trout in Patagonia's Jurassic Lake, giant trevally and tarpon, too! 


New Zealand is recognized as a mecca for giant brown trout, we descend deep into hidden spring creeks to shine some light on these enigmatic beasts.

Next are the giant rainbow trout of Patagonia's fabled Jurassic Lake, undoubtedly home to the largest trout on the planet.

In the South Pacific, the giant trevally demands instant respect - follow fly fishers as they lock horns with these mighty fish in the coral reefs of French Polynesia and Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Finally, watch gigantic tarpon crush hapless baitfish in the delta of Costa Rica's Rio Colorado.

68 min
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