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Drift DVD

$24.95 each
A marvelous flyfishing film: great characters, personalities, cinematography, music, a variety of freshwater & saltwater and an adequate supply of what we all like to call fish porn. Aimed at showing all viewers from hardcore, 300-day-a-year guides.


From Confluence films comes Drift, the first in their amazing series of fly fishing films.

Drift will combine all the necessary elements to result in the first full-length, high production-value, multi-destination flyfishing movie ever made.

Setting the bar is an overused term in all industries, but we are indeed aiming high and we trust that both viewers and sponsors will be happy with where we land. 

Locations for Drift include: Oregon as Deschutes River, The North Bight of Andros Island in the Bahamas, The high-altitude rivers of Kashmir, India Southern Belize, Montana as Bighorn River, Utah as Green River, Colorado as Frying Pan River.
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