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Metalhead - B.C. Steelhead DVD

$19.95 each
This is our favorite Fish Bum Diaries film. An epic road trip to remote British Columbia in search of wild steelhead in a wild setting. Great fly fishing action and plenty of mishaps, too. 109 minutes running time.


The last in the series from AEG (Trout Bum Diaries), Metalhead chronicles the epic journey of five fish bums and their friends as they travel to remote Northwestern wilderness in search of legendary steelhead; the hottest freshwater fish you can catch on a fly rod and also a fish whose survival hangs in the balance.

Filmed as an adventure documentary, the fish bums face the challenges of mother-nature, border police and Giardia. This untamed and majestic land offers the best opportunity for an angler to hook into a wild trophy steelhead.

If you are lucky enough to land one these incredible fish, you will be forever changed. Follow the dedication, obsession and insanity that drive steelheaders to pursue a fish that is not in the river to feed, a fish known as Metalhead.
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