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AFFG Steelhead Bead - UV Cosmic Red

$3.99 each
UV Cosmic Beads feature a light flecking that creates depth and sparkle. The UV properties really light these beads up. This red version of the Cosmic Beads brought some beautiful fish to hand while being field tested. It is espcially effective in rivers that are inland or where fish are wary. One more bead to never leave home without!


This bead, like the Cosmic Pink, worked over some really nice fish in field testing this past Spring.  This red bead has glitter infused into it, which  helps it catch the eye of fish.  Once the fish are locked onto it, the trance is complete and you'll be yelling "Fish ON!!!!"  Another great bead that shouldn't be left at home!

Quantities: 8mm-30, 10mm-20, 12mm-15, 14mm-10
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