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Southeast Alaska & Kodiak Large Bead Selection

$79.95 each
The SE Kodiak Large Assortment is a more comprehensive selection that is ideal box for SE Alaska, Kodiak Island and other Alaska rivers that have large runs of Pink and Chums and the occasional pair of spawning Kings. A great all around box of 8mm & 10mm beads.


This box is a more comprehensive version of our Medium SE AK/Kodiak selection. It has more beads and colors to cover more situations. We have now added several new shades of Mottled Troutbeads that fish even better. This is the perfect selection of beads to imitate pink, chum and king salmon eggs in streams and rivers found in SE Alaska, Kodiak Island and other rivers in Alaska. Selection includes: 14 compartment box w/ lanyard, 20 pcs. of #B and #BB split shot, 15 pcs. of #3/0 split shot, 25 #6 bead hooks, bead pegs (clear plastic and wood) and three 3/4" Thinga-ma-bobber indicators.  Beads include approximately: 15-8mm and 10-10mm of Mottled Gold Roe, Mottled Egg Yok, Mottled Peachy King, Mottled Glo Roe, Mottled Tangerine, Mottled Fluo Orange and Mottled Mango. Standard Apricot Trout Beads are also included in 10-8mm and 8-10mm.
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