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Meet the Fish: Pink Salmon

The most abundant of Alaska's salmonids, the pink salmon
can be found in great numbers in almost every region of the
state, with Southeast and Kodiak often hosting runs of 40
million or more. Also called the Humpy (or Humpback) salmon
after the species' distinctive body morph during spawning,
pinks are available from July to September, with the best
fishing occurring in late July and August in or near the estuaries of their
spawning rivers. Averaging 3-6 lbs with the occasional
specimen weighing in at over 10lbs, these "People's Salmon"
are certainly a "gateway fish" for the novice and experienced
angler alike.  To view photos of pinks in our photo gallery, click here .

Gear and Flies
Scrappy fighters, the pink salmon can be successfully pursued with rods in the 6 to 8 weight class. When using the lighter gear, a reel with a good drag is a must. A weight forward floating line is usually the best choice. Pinks readily bite on a large variety of flies, including top water offerings. Tried and true producers such as the Humpy Hooker, Lead Eyed Egg Sucking Leech, and the Pink Starlite Leech should be in every pink angler's arsenal.

Winston BIIm-x 9' 6wt
Sage One 9' 7wt
Sage VXP 9' 8wt
Echo Ion 9' 7wt
Beulah Classic Guide 9' 6wt.

Abel Super 7/8
Nautilus FWX 7/8
Galvan Torque T-6
Lamson Velocity 3

Airflo 40 Plus Floating
Rio Clouser Line
Scientific Anglers Headstart
Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured

Humpy Hooker
Searunner special
Lead Eye Egg Sucking Leech
Popper Wog
Starlite Leech Pink


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