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Meet the Fish: Lake Trout
The largest of Alaska's freshwater fishes, the lake trout is actually
a char, and thus closely related to the Dolly Varden. Occurring in
all regions of the state except Southeast, the lake trout is
available from April to October, with the peak fishing times being
May and June. As the name implies, lake trout are most often
found in lakes, but small populations do occur in lake inlets and
outlets. Averaging 5 to 12 lbs, lake trout weighing up to 50 lbs
have been caught in Alaska.

Gear and Flies
Lake trout are dogged fighters, often sounding (diving for the bottom) immediately after hook-up. Gearing up with a 6 or 7 weight rod matched with a large-arbor reel will be sufficient for all but the largest lake trout. Lake trout are often found in deep water meaning full sinking lines and sinking tip lines are necessary.  Lake trout are piscivorous (they feed primarily on other fish), so the tuned-in fly angler's selection should include minnow patterns in several sizes and colors as well as leeches in assorted sizes and colors.

Winston B3x 9' 7-9wt
Sage One 9' 7-9wt
Sage Flight 9' 7-9wt
Sage VXP 9' 7-9wt

Lamson Velocity 4
Galvan Torque T-8
Sage 4280
Nautilus CCF 8

Rio OutBound Intermediate, Type 3, Type 6
Rio Versi-Tip
Scientific Anglers Uniform Sink Type V

Simmons Fry
Clouser Minnow Olive/White
Dolly Llama Black/White
Beadhead Thin Mint


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