Steve Farrars Flash Blend

The Steve Farrar Flash blend is one of our shop favorites. It is a terrific material for tying big or small baitfish patterns, and large streamers. The material is tapered, and a perfectly mixed blend of slinky fiber, slinky blend, and mylar flash with tons of UV colors. Imagine tying epic patterns ranging from large pike, to small baitfish patterns, and everything in between.        

Angel Hair
This is in no way a new synthetic to the market, but definitely still one of our favorites. Angel hair is a very fine mylar synthetic hair, imagine a much finer version of flashabou, and a very subtly flashy material. It is a great material to add to big or small baitfish patterns, as well as wing material on salmon and steelhead flies. The material itself is light and does not absorb any water, so it stays light, which is great for large swinging patterns.

Fly Foam - 2mm
Fly foam is one of those materials that fly tyers tend to be afraid to tie with for the first time. Don’t be intimidated though, this foam is great for tying floating salmon flies like the Polywog, or great Alaska trout patterns like the Gurgler and Hankey. The pink foam can easily tie up some great Humpie patterns, where the black can easily be added to any dry fly pattern for grayling and rainbows all around.

Edge Bright
Another funky material that tiers are often nervous about trying out. Edge Bright is a fantastic body material that adds both flash and glow to your salmon and steelhead flies. It is easy to use, simply cut a small strip of the material and wrap it forward on the shank of the hook. Tying tip from us would be to wrap this material on top of a tinsel for added flash and glow.

EZ Woven Body Material
Woven body is a flat, ribbon-like material made of woven monofilament and mylar. It is stiffer than mylar tubing and is one of our favorite materials to tie minnow bodies and bullet heads for streamers. You can easily add stick on eyes, and cover with epoxy for a very realistic minnow imitation.