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Alaska's Premier Fly Fishing Source

$59.95 each

Clouser Minnow Fly Selection

The Clouser Minnow is one of the best all-around flies in Alaska. Our selection has 21 Clousers in the prime salmon-catching colors. Some are AFFG exclusives you won't find anywhere else. A solid addition to your arsenal.
$79.95 each

Small River Steelhead Selection

Fishing steelhead in small rivers takes a special selection of flies. From small swings to dead drifting to jigging, these flies will hook 'em up! 32 flies in all. 
$54.95 each

Dirty Dozen Mouse Fly Selection

Is there anything more exciting than swinging a surface fly and watching a huge V-Wake appear behind it? That is just what happens when Alaskan rainbows key in on mice. Check out this selection of Grade A Prime trout food.
$99.95 each

Fall Rainbow Trout Selection

Come September and October, Alaska's trout are at their most massive. To entice these monsters your fly needs to look like a T-Bone steak and it needs to get down. This 28 fly selection will get it done!
$54.95 each
3.13637 5 22 Product

Sockeye Salmon Fly Selection

The Sockeye Salmon Fly Selection contains 26 of our favorite sockeye flies. Sockeye salmon are the most reluctant of salmon to take a fly. These patterns are the best ones out there. All the flies in this selection are legal on rivers such as the Russian and Kenai that have hook size restrictions. 
$109.95 each

Pike Fly Selection

A box of flies just for Alaska's fiercest freshwater predator! From surface poppers to streamers to drowning rodents this 16 fly selection has it all.
$94.95 each
4.23077 5 13 Product

King Salmon Fly Selection

If you plan to pursue the pinnacle of Alaska fly fishing you need the right flies. This 24 fly selection has you covered. It contains the latest in big patterns for swinging for kings plus classic nymphing patterns. Includes Articulated Hareball Leeches, Fat Freddies in several colors, Jumbo Critters, Bjorn's Stinger Prawns, Mega Dolly Llamas, Squidros, Rockstars, and more......
$99.95 each
4.00001 5 7 Product

Tsiu River Silver Salmon Fly Selection

Silvers in the Tsiu River are surface oriented to say the least. This 32 fly collection has many of the same patterns as our Silver Selection but with a much heavier emphasis on surface poppers and polywogs. And for when the silvers stop coming to the top, we have loaded it up with the best sub-surface flies, too. 
$89.95 each
4.11114 5 36 Product

Silver Salmon Fly Selection

From the estuaries of SE to the rivers of Bristol Bay, silvers take a wide variety of patterns. This 32 fly selection has the flies needed to catch these brawny fighters wherever you find them.
$79.95 each

Lakes of Alaska Fly Selection

In the frenzy of salmon fishing, Alaska's lakes are often overlooked. From the rainbow fishing of the Matsu Valley to the Trophy Cutthroat Lakes of Southeast Alaska, these 32 flies will catch fish.
$79.95 each
3.85715 5 7 Product

Chum & Pink Fly Selection

If you are fishing in July or August you will undoubtedly run into chum & pink salmon. The 32 flies in this selection will take these salmon in all locations!
$79.95 each
5 5 3 Product

Flesh and Eggs Fly Selection

When the salmon are spawning, trout and char turn their full attention to eggs and chunks of dead salmon flesh. This 36 fly box has a full selection of the most effective egg patterns and flesh imitations.
$59.95 each
4 5 1 Product

Dry Fly & Nymphs for Alaska Selection

Grayling, rainbows, and cutthroat love dries and nymphs. These fish alternate between easy to catch and incredibly fussy. This 30 fly selection has the hottest Alaska patterns in the best sizes to take these fish.
$79.95 each
3.8421 5 19 Product

Alaskan Highway Fly Selection

Driving the Alaska Highway? This 36 fly "Greatest Hits of Alaska Fly Fishing" selection has patterns to catch salmon, char, grayling and rainbows. It will cover most situations found along the roads of interior Alaska.
$99.95 each

Predator Rainbow Trout Fly Selection

After the fry depart and before the salmon start spawning, rainbows and char look for mice, sculpins, and leeches to fill their bellies. This 28 fly selection includes our best versions of these three important food items.
$99.95 each
4.17648 5 17 Product

Alaska Spring Trout Fly Selection - Freshwater

If you are looking for spring trout in the rivers of Bristol Bay, the Kenai, or the Interior you need these flies! 30 of our favorite sculpins, leeches, salmon fry, and surface poppers make up this collection.
$79.95 each
4.08333 5 12 Product

Spring Sea-Run Dolly Varden & Cutthroat Fly Selection

When Dolly Varden and Cutthroat are feeding off the beaches and stream mouths, these 28 time-proven patterns will catch them. Dollies and Cutts are notorious piscavores (fish eaters.) This is especially true in the spring and early summer when the salmon fry are schooled in the stream mouths and off the beaches. These 28 time-tested patterns will catch fish all over Southeast and Kodiak.
$89.95 each

Situk Steelhead Fly Selection

A selection of 32 sure-fire steelhead killers! While these flies were selected for the Situk River near Yakutat, they are equally effective all over the state. It took our local steelhead think tank quite a few evenings at the local watering hole to narrow the list down to these favorites.
$99.95 each

B.C. Steelhead Selection

If swinging for big steelhead in British Columbia is on your list, this is the fly selection you want. We have put together 27 of our favorite flies for the legendary rivers of BC. From heavily weighted deep dredging monsters to lightly weighted patterns and even a few surface skating flies.
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